October 16, 2017

PoP #1.jpg Building brand partnerships has been an integral part of growing Chasing Paper. From our first months in business to now, years later, I have found that strategic partnerships with brands, designers and influencers are the secret sauce to success. I have three helpful tips for anyone with a small business or looking to create more partnership opportunities in 2018!

  1. Find opportunities to work with brands or influencers that elevate your brand. It’s tempting to partner on giveaways or collaborations that boast large followings or great reach — but its important to really think about the audience and the consistency of content.

  2. Take time to do the research. This is more for when working with influencers but can be relevant to new brands and up and coming designers. Organic and engaged followings are going to do the best for you. It’s a bummer that so many folks choose to buy followers + engagement but the good news is, its pretty easy to spot. I always take a few minutes to do due diligence on influencers feeds — it can at times feel like a time suck, but really, it will be worth it in the long run!

  3. Set expectations, and them over communicate. The times when partnerships have gone sideways is always when communication has broken down — its better to be crystal clear with what the goal of the partnership is — is it to make money selling products? Is it driving traffic? Is it to gain followers or brand recognition? When priorities are off things can feel like a success for one and a failure to another which will likely mean that there will be less chance of partnering again down the road. Do not be afraid to speak up and be clear about your expectations and goals.