the Importance of Travel

July 03, 2019

Growing up, I always loved the idea of travel. It could be a thousand miles away or the next block over and I would have my suitcase packed and readied (toothbrush + everything). Not a lot has changed since then: I’m never one to turn down the opportunity to explore a new place + immerse myself in its surroundings. As I sit reflecting on my adventures, coffee in hand + a snoozing pup at my feet, it’s clear that travel remains one of the wisest teachers our world offers. It’s stitched into my childhood, which bare knees caked in dirt and a toothless smile: a girl whose adventurous visions stretch far past the horizon line. And it exists in me today, with my need + desire to explore various pockets of the world.

Traveling is key when it comes to success in entrepreneurship: every new destination brings forth new sights, new lessons + newfound awe each time. It pushes you to expand on what you know + to embody a more universal mindset (in addition to appreciation for sunscreen). When we’re met with the unknown, I think we’re sometimes overwhelmed because we lack prior knowledge + expectations. But we overcome those somewhat irksome feelings by allowing ourselves to be present in the now, or in this case, present in the new!

When my hubby + I went to Italy we 1) had our fair share of cacio e pepe and 2) were left speechless at the world before us. The sun-kissed ocean views met the ancient cobblestone streets: a perfect marriage of the industrial + the natural. I loved seeing the various design elements + styles throughout the footpaths and main-roads. We turned every corner utterly amazed by the scenery: skies with tufts of white paired well with the rich history etched into the stone walls. Maps did not render us necessary: we were led by pure curiosity + excitement. Being able to be immersed in a place so different from my everyday sights was inexplicably rewarding: the experience encouraged me to step away + reemerge with a changed mindset.

It mirrored my travels in Portugal when my brother + I went a couple years back (previously documented in another blog post HERE. The trip was nothing short of amazing. I came back with ideas + visions that thrilled me: how could I apply these to my work? The answer was in the experiences: the jaw-dropping decor laden throughout every block + building, the walks that saw both sunrise + sunset, the exchanges with locals, etc. There was no shortage of inspiration throughout these encounters because they gifted me with newness: newness of the mind, of the heart, + spirit. I applied them to my work with great ease. portugalcollage3.jpg

With everything considered, I can’t stress how essential travel is, especially for the entrepreneur. You get to be out in the world, while your thoughts + vision are subject to change. It is one of the best ways to grow + to continue to build on the foundation you built while being open to other avenues.

Entrepreneurship requires some courage + a willingness to embrace the unknown, to take risks in order to succeed. It’s not unlike traveling in that sense.

We’re planted in a different place + search for the things that leave us a little more fulfilled. By embracing the new + unknown, we can shrug off the nerves and be more open to the world around us… maybe accompanied by some cacio e pepe on the go.