October 18, 2017

photo #1-0eb048.jpg It’s funny how perspectives change, isn’t it? Growing up, I was completely unengaged with my family’s large format printing business. It felt like a boys club, a noisy, dirty row of equipment that made me want to cover my ears and find the room with the hot cocoa. I realize now that the ink, the paper, the craft of printing has seeped deeply into my blood, my heritage and future path. Even the words, “large format printing” used to seem antiquated to me, until I truly caved out my own corner of the world with Chasing Paper and was introduced to the world of HP. Their game-changing technology in the large format space allows creatives like me to imagine and execute the creation of spaces that change the way people feel. Gone are the days of loud equipment, clunky operating programs and uninspired stories. It feels like the natural way of things to be helping my family’s business step into the next generation with my partners at HP by my side.

Last Thursday morning, I was able to join HP for an event that felt like step into new territory for them: The Vogue Forces of Fashion Event. When I arrived to MILK Studios, I was immediately enveloped in the world of Vogue. The creative forces of its pages were beautifully mapped along the white walls, a gallery so crisp and powerful I had to stop myself from touching the prints. At Chasing Paper, I think about this phenomenon often, that instinctual need to reach out and touch something, to feel its texture or smooth edge to better understand what you are seeing. The gallery loomed large and created a feeling of reverence, the sheer power of images gave way to Vogue’s vision…it was so clear. Having spent many days shooting for Chasing Paper, its hard for me to even image the hours, days, and perhaps even months the Vogue editors and creative directors must spend choosing colors, prints + materials. All of these details,are seen within the images, in this gallery wall, thanks to the technology and the incredible printing power of HP. Creativity + technology = innovation. It’s the simple equation that would be touched on and talked about all day.
Photo #2.jpg Photo #3.jpg At Chasing Paper, we strive to create new worlds, to change how people feel in a space. We achieve this with the help of partners like HP — who create technology for the large format category that allow us to dream bigger and beyond the edges of the page. Creating immersive spaces is exactly what HP delivered at the Forces of Fashion event— grand-format Vogue covers, stunning backdrops that illuminated some of the biggest names in fashion, down to the details.
Photo #4.jpg photo #5.jpg I often like to daydream about what’s next, what else is possible and for Chasing Paper and listening to others speak about their journey is the best things to get my wheels turning. The star-studded day was not only inspirational but I was reminded again and again about the sheer excitement and power of creativity. While fashion is not a language I consider myself fluent in the wise words of so many legends, the message was clear: creativity and success are tied to instincts and the strong understanding of who they are creating for.

Here were some of the take away soundbites that I took with me:

“Part of being an entrepreneur is taking on risk.” -Tonne Goodman

“Innovation tells a good story” - Stella McCartney

“Empathy is everything.” -Michael Kors

“We just wanted to do it our way.” -Demma Gvasalia

“I’ve started to enjoy the joy of the unfinished.” - John Galliano

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