Spring Fever

March 25, 2019

Moving back to Milwaukee last year from New York one of the things I was most excited about was outdoor space to entertain and spend time with my family. We live right in the heart of the city so it’s still certainly an urban environment but we wanted it to still feel like an oasis. After we overhauled the space and relandscaped I moved onto finding furniture. Like so many things, I spend hours researching online and comparing brands. Typically, at a certain point all the comparison and wondering about the quality of a product slowly starts to eat away at the once-there excitement. Like so many things, I started seeing Yardbird popping up all over my instagram from designers and influencers I really admire. So I started to look into the company. My husband + I were so impressed with the selection + story behind the company that we ended up moving forward with Yardbird’s Colby Large Sectional to make our backyard an extension of our home, thoughtfully designed but still comfortable. !20180906_ElizabethRees_Szymanski_0109.jpg

When I first began the ordering process, I was delighted to see just how easy it is to purchase: their website is easy to navigate + the checkout is straightforward! (also, it’s important to note that Yardbird delivers its furniture pre-assembled: which saves us all a lot of hassle!) The price of their products is seriously unreal considering how great the quality is: it’s estimated to be selling for half the price of other leading brands. For anyone who knows about Midwest summers, while they are short lived they are so precious and most people want to spend as much time outside during those summer months as humanly possible. So having patio furniture that is actually comfortable was so important to me. I spent the last month of summer reading, lounging, drinking wine with girlfriends on our Yardbird sectional last summer and legitimately CANNOT wait to get the backyard set up again.

Another thing that I really admire about Yardbird is its eco-friendly approach. In addition to the fact the furniture is 100% recyclable, the manufacturing process also uses recycled materials- which I think is so important + really worth it in the long run. Supporting green products is definitely something I have been thinking about a lot more since we are growing our family. The company’s eco-friendly operations continue even after purchase: if you decide you want to retire your Yardbird pieces, Yardbird actually takes them back to repurpose them, transforming them from one stylish piece into another. (Though, if I’m being honest, I’m planning on keeping mine for a looonng time). If you feel overwhelmed by laying out your patio or you’re unsure of which set would look best, Yardbird has a full time designer on staff to provide you with layouts/design advice/resources to make your backyard look incredible! All you have to do is fill out six short questions, check it out HERE.. Huge thanks to our friends at Yardbird for partnering with us on the backyard of our dreams :)