Nursery Trends of 2019

June 17, 2019

When I found out that I was expecting my daughter, there were so many thoughts that popped into my head. As someone who loves anything interior design, it’s no surprise that one of the most pressing + exciting questions was “What am I going to do with the nursery?” The possibilities were endless + as the little one’s due date drew closer, I pulled together images + aesthetics on which to start building a vision for the nursery. The experience was extraordinary as it allowed me to navigate through different styles and incorporate my own vision. I sought out inspo from my fellow Insta mamas + Pinterest parents, while recognizing the elements I knew I wanted to be included.

WILD + NATURAL: There’s a big push for wildlife bits mixed into the nursery look: our print WILD proves to be a favorite amongst nesting mamas. Our friends at @hurstandhome (hi guys!) used the pattern, which can be seen below! The print’s woodland creatures add a little magic that really tie the room together WHAT TO CONSIDER: wooden accent pieces, woven wall hangings

GENDER NEUTRAL PALETTE: We are digging the neutral colors and patterns to create a calming haven for your little one. The muted hues give the space a nice feel that adds to its overall serenity + coziness. Fellow mommy + aesthetic being Breanne Benton used our Botany print to achieve a neutral feel- find her HERE! For my daughter’s nursery, I steered towards the neutral scheme because I loved the feel of the color set with its mellowed tints. (But don’t be afraid to add additional color here + there! For the nursery’s dressers, I opted for a sage-like green that I feel ground the space- so go for what you think would be best!) WHAT TO CONSIDER: Woven + light-toned rugs, ballet slipper and light tan hues, white accents


90% WHITE 10% COLOR: I’ve found that recently, especially within this past year, there’s been a surge in the popularity of a trend coined “90% White, 10% Color”. The title encapsulates the look perfectly: with the majority of the room in white tones, there’s bright patterns and mini explosions of color strewn throughout the scene. Momma Caitlin Teal installed our New Moon pattern to compliment the white interior- check her out HERE. The approach has earned a stamp of approval in my book; with its effortless balance of the clean + the colorful, it proves to be a great contender in nursery styles. WHAT TO CONSIDER: white furniture with neon accents, colorful lamps + light fixtures, white walls paired with vibrant accent pieces and artworks

DEEP JEWEL TONES: Emerald greens and cobalt blues seem have inched into the spotlight of the nursery realm. The jewel tones provide the room with a richness that entails sophistication, as well as depth! WHAT TO CONSIDER: gold accents, eye-catching rugs, modern-stylized decor