Inspiration Files: Portugal

October 17, 2017

porto #5.jpg Hi hi! I wanted to share some major inspiration images from a recent trip to Portugal. Being in the wall decor space, there was truly no where better to roam the streets. The cobblestoned streets are flanked by the brightest colors, prints and murals that will literally stop anyone in their tracks. Most homes in Portugal are covered in stunning, colorful tiles. I snapped this picture in the back of a taxi because I loved how the light was hitting the tile - it almost looked like it was glowing! porto #2.jpg I am a sucker for a cool coffee spot and Cafe Candelabro was everything you could want + more. Tattooed baristas, vinyl records playing indie hits, great coffee on a corner to people watch. The interior feels effortless, library vibes with vintage details (suitcases, vinyl, books!) that keeps you browsing around and discovering. porto #3.jpg Without question, this was the highlight of my trip. Spending time in O Galeria! felt like a breath of fresh air. The art world can be so stuffy and unapproachable at times, and this shop in the opposite. Fun, friendly and affordable all the art ranges from 20 - 300 euro. Such a special spot, but if you cannot make it to Porto, they have a wonderful online shop. porto #4.jpg Walking with my brother to dinner at Flow Restaurant we were both stopped in our tracks by this hand-painted mural. It’s swirling brushstrokes stretched a full city block. Non-repeating murals are something that I have wanted to explore with Chasing Paper for a long time, and this is going to be a major source of inspiration!

All in all…it was a magical trip! So much inspiration when I travel I came back to the States feeling refreshed and ready to get to work!