For the Littles: Alessandra Olanow

March 10, 2017

One of the things that I love the most about Chasing Paper is the fun it allows people to have in their homes. Print + color are so transformative and can make you actually FEEL different in a space. The artists and designers I woke with are so important in creating a creative collection of prints.

I met Alessandra a few years ago for coffee after I had fallen in love with her illustrations. We met in Williamsburg and soon a work coffee turned into a few hours talking like girlfriends. We spoke about the city, love, finding your way…I distinctly remember thinking when I was leaving that coffee that she was one of the coolest women I had ever met. Alessandra is not only hugely talented but she is one of the warmest humans I have the pleasure of calling a friend. I often joke with her that she is the mayor of Boerum Hill, BK – because anytime we walk around her neighborhood everyone knows her (and it must be said she knows everyone too, where they live, their kids names) – she is a precious force in my life and so getting to create something with her is such a joy. Alessandra has such an incredible knack for creating sweet + imaginative prints that still hold on to her cool girl aesthetic.

Alessandra became a mama 2 years ago to Miss Coco Mila (our model!) and it was so special to have them both help with this shoot! Happy Day, Llamas Doing Things and Unicorns Doing Things are all now LIVE!!

coco 1.jpg coco 2.jpg coco 3.jpg