Chasing Paper Around Town

July 24, 2019

When I made the decision to move back to Milwaukee after years in New York, I knew it meant change, in all senses of the word. It would entail a change in environment, living, networking, etc. and while I admit there was a little anxiety involved, I knew that change would mean opportunity. I was excited to branch out even further, and in my old stomping grounds too! Growing up in Milwaukee provided me with a solid foundation on which to grow + excel at my craft. Whether it was the occasional visits at my family’s format printing business or the little adventures around the city, these moments are definitely stitched into my approach to my work. As I settled into the swing of the 414 once again, I recognized the blossoming of MKE businesses throughout the area: individual small businesses had begun popping up, drawing in crowds of intrigued patrons for a chance to engage in some locally-made fun. Being able to bear witness to local small-business success stories thrills me! I made it a point to stay in touch with the latest happenings around the area and when some of the places I had been fan-girling over approached me with the idea of incorporating Chasing Paper into their process, I couldn’t be more excited + grateful.

It’s an incredible feeling to be supported by another growing business, as you’re able to connect through shared experiences, triumphs + trials alike.

One amazing spot that does this is Uncle Wolfie’s Breakfast Tavern (hi, Whitney + Wolfgang!) Situated atop the Brewers’ Hill bluff, it recently opened and has already become a go-to for any Milwaukeean whose craving yummy eats in a neighborhood with a view. When it came to their walls, the married duo opted for our Crossing Lines pattern in pink, which perfectly compliments the cozy yet modernized vibe of the space. A frequent diner of Uncle Wolfie’s myself, I love what they have done + continue to do (not to mention their famous Johnny Cakes). And the excitement continues with their neighbor: the stunning shop that is Orange and Blue, Co. Also owned by the married pair, Orange and Blue, Co. offers women-made pieces + great vintage finds. I cannot think of a more perfect duo in that each caters to the customer with unmatched talent + some good ole Midwestern hospitality. Find Orange and Blue, Co.’s website HERE and Uncle Wolfie’s HERE! wolfiescollage1.jpg

Another local treasure lies across from the Marcus Performing Arts Center + kiddie-corner to Red Arrow Park: the St. Kate Arts Hotel. Opened in June, the hotel proves to be an instant hit due to its unparalleled artistic layout. St. Kate is a fresh + authentic take on the hotel norms with each room flaunting different art-oriented themes (my fave might be Lon Michels’ colorful room!) There’s a new experience within each space + I love that it thrives on the ideal of uniqueness, as that’s a quality we can all get behind! And if I wasn’t a fan already, St. Kate decided to use our Vintage Art pattern in the main bathrooms of the third floor. It’s an honor + privilege to be a part of the phenomenon that is the St. Kate Arts Hotel! stkatescollage2.jpg