Chasing Creativity

June 10, 2019

We’ve all been there: creatively drained with no ideas in sight. It can be hard to get out of the funk once you’re in it: every potential concept seems to end with an “Eh.” or a “Maybe not.” As someone whose business depends largely on vision and resourcefulness, I sometimes find myself slip into a similar mindset. But, as CP continues to expand + grow, I’ve discovered simple ways to help put me back on the creative track when obstacles arise. Below you’ll find a few tips and tricks that’ll help you enter a more open headspace.

PULL UP OLD PROJECTS: whoever said ‘put your past behind you’ clearly never experienced a moment of creative drainage…

I feel that one of the most beneficial practices to take up is to reflect on what you have done in the past, both successes + mistakes.

Take a look at your prior ideas and write down what you like about them: their style, their goal, their approach, their overall vibe, etc. You’ll find that as the list grows, you’ll see your strengths as a creative being: take hold of those and apply them to something new! And don’t rule out your mistakes: recognizing things that went wrong helps steer us onto a different path.

TAKE A WALK: get out those walking boots (or Berks) and hit the concrete. I’ve found that even a short walk makes a huge change in my mood + clears a cluttered headspace. Whenever I feel like I need a break, a walk never fails to provide a little relief. By taking in the sights around you, you can pinpoint certain feelings or thoughts that could be assets in re-emerging into your element. After a walk, I’m able to come back into the work setting to pound out some new ideas and little inklings, all thanks to some sunlight + fresh air!

GET EMPOWERED BY POWERFULLY CREATIVE WOMEN: JK Rowling, Michelle Obama, Malala Yousafzai, the list goes on! Powerful women are all around us + their stories provide us with a sense of newfound strength and determination. I often look to my female predecessors and mentors for inspiration to tackle any lingering self-doubt or lack of drive. Hearing their triumphs + trials is a great way to gain perspective, to remind yourself that you can accomplish any + all tasks.


HOST GET-TOGETHERS: Organize a get-together with some close friends or anyone you admire for a night of lively convo paired with some appetizers, of course! Just being surrounded by your peeps tends to bring out the best, and alleviates some of the pressure. I love setting time aside to engage with people I connect with, people who instill in me nothing but good vibes + messages.

GO TO WORKSHOPS + EVENTS: I’ve learned that showing up to places is one of the most rewarding things, on both ends! Find local spots that offer workshops or events that give some tips and advice on how to reignite the creative spark. They could be tucked away in a pocketed cafe, or held in a buzzing public space- wherever it is, just jump right in! And don’t be afraid to go in alone- chances are you’ll meet people that share the same passions + drive as you!