8 Kid-Friendly Projects

March 17, 2020

Make the next family project something to remember by using some of our ideas on kid-friendly DIY activities!

  1. Hand Tracings Canvas: Cause we all need a hand once in a while!
  2. Pencil Decor: What better way to get the littles excited for the school year?
  3. Wall Decor: Add original artworks created by your tiny Picasso!
  4. Dollhouse: Example provided by @hootieandhoola via Instagram!
  5. To Do/Chore Charts: Even chores can be made doable (and aesthetic!)
  6. Front Door Hangings: Unique + eye-catching!
  7. Book Covers: Spiffy up the bookworms’ literary collections!
  8. Unicorn Headband: We used our pattern STAR BRIGHT in White to give the horn a little extra sparkle!