3 Mistakes You're Making on Insta

December 14, 2016

If you are using Instagram for your business or trying to grow your personal account there are some low hanging fruit that can improve your engagement + overall

  1. Grainy images. You know when you make a copy, of a copy? You run the risk of not having a super crisp clean image. Be sure when reposting that the image has a high enough resolution.
    Insta Story #2.jpg

  2. Multiple personalities. Love taking pictures and posting? Of course you do! But here is the thing, the best Instagram accounts are the ones that have a clear look + feel. The content and composition of all their images tell a story. This means using consistent filers, color palettes and content. It also means consistently editing. If an image you took last Sunday doesn’t feel like it flows with the rest, delete it!
    Insta Story #3.jpg

  3. Not listening to your people. What posts get the most likes + comments? Learning about your community of followers whether it be 30 or 30,000 is imperative in order to grow. It’s important to understand what kind of content moves the needle for engagement. For Chasing Paper, people love images of entire styled rooms, kids content + personal entrepreneurial stories. Once you learn these inflection points, you can keep this in mind when creating content. Of course, having variety and trying new things is always important but it’s always good to play favorites :) Insta Story #4-ca859a.jpg