10 Projects: Wallpaper Scraps

June 22, 2019

One thing I love about our wallpaper (in addition to a handful of other attributes) is its versatility! I’m always amazed when customers share their own takes on the wallpaper, each differing in its look + function. So, we’ve come up with a couple more ways to help spark some ideas. Our subject: wallpaper scraps! What better way to maximize your wallpaper + spiffy up the ordinary?


  1. Scrapbook with CP used as tape to put photos in (and decoration on cover-page)
  2. Planner book cover
  3. Clock faces: find a plain clock, remove the hands, stick on some wallpaper, reapply the hands + you’re good to go! There’s never a bad time for some clock makeovers!
  4. Decor on Coasters
  5. Decorate lunch boxes with cut-outs and designs and initials (cool for school!)
  6. Phone case decor: self-expression is a MUST, so add some unique touches to your case
  7. Art: put your skills to the test + let out that inner Picasso! The scraps are a perfect way to easily create artworks worthy to be hung. Your approach is up to you: outlines of faces, abstract, etc. Use any media: paper, canvas, anything!
  8. Door decor
  9. Pins (to wear on clothing or bags, etc); designs or lettering can be cut out from wallpaper and applied to a plain pin. In our eyes, wallpaper isn’t just for walls!
  10. Stationery cards with CP wallpaper: cut out any design or phrase you want (EX: “HEY” or “THANK YOU”) + apply it to a blank card!